Get set go!

This plan was not even on the PRD a year ago..and look at it now! Its on the brink of its GA :D
Yaaay, we are finally going to pree's new place! We are going to bangalore to make it a noisy noisy place, filled with chatter and gossip and laughter and giggles! Its just many? what?? less than 24 hours? wow! it still hasn't sunk in :)

Okay, i'll start describing the planning phase and then maybe i'll come to believe i'm really going.
When pree went to bangalore we had always thought that we will go visit her one day, and these plans always remained only plans until the 2nd of October when pree was here and we went to Lohgad. I still remember it was then when we got serious and discussed our leaves. Everyone had leave for Christmas and Ash, had very less leaves and so we all took leaves when she had a week long off (week long..even i want a week long off for chrsitmas :(
So, anyway..amz and me were discussing how many days leave we need and then we settled on 22nd to 23rd..that leaves us six full days with pree. Then started the phase of confirmations of dates, application of leaves. A few arguments, a trifle disappointments, lots of discussions and then the final 'concrete planning' :D
Bookings were done, (pree was rather quick with these now that she's been there more than once. She's going to become a good tourist guide :P) and plans were final! We were happily shocked that we are really really going!
Now am here having packed too early (I am used to last minute running around in search of clothes and stuff and cribbing for them not being where I left them :P) so, I decided to write about all our fun experience planning. Ohh yes, how can i forget all the very very long mail threads that gmail itself cut short sometimes :P I'm gonna treasure all those moments of planning :)

So, guys wait for my next post on all the fun we have in banaglore!


Mohsin Khan said…
sahi hai.. enjoy.. (< 10 hrs now :)
Pappul said…
waiting for ur next post ... impatiently ... !!
Zaru said…
yaay :)

I wnt disappoint u :)
Ashwini B said…
im waiting for the next! wers it! :D

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