Take 2

Me : Mom, I won't be late.
Mom : (thinks to herself) How many times has she said she won't be late. Has she ever turned up on time?
Me : And its at E2...its not that far from home. I'll leave at 9 (I mean 9:30 here)
Mom : (thinks to herself) Yes...not far at all..just say 10kms? its at a stone's throw right? She is going to go anyhow. (says to me) Okay, go ahead. Come home on time. Don't be late.
Me : Thanks mom :) You're the best! :)

Now i'm at this awesome place called "not just jazz by the bay". It is awesome because of its ambience and more so because of the people there. (Yea I'm counting myself as one of those who are the "special" people :P)
I'm enjoying, laughing, smiling, eating (yea and not hogging for a change :P), thinking, laughing and so on. Suddenly, as if some angel tells me to check the time right away, I just get my cell out, glance a casual look at the time.
Me : OMG! its 10!! I was to reach home by this time. Ohh ****! Ok guys..bye...blah blah (that's all the nicest things I can say...) And to Amit, the one who's flying to better opportunities...we'll miss you!
(In the parking)
Me : (to myself) I better call home, else they keep complaining what are cell phones for if you cannot call up and inform us that you are going to be late)
(On the phone)
Me : Tell mom I'll be a little late, leaving right now.
Sis : Yes, I'll tell her that you are late. You are always late.
Me : (and I thought you will convince mom that it was not my fault..me getting late) sigh. Now I need to reach fast!
(To myself)
petrol : check
oil : check
start in one shot : check
lets vrooooom
(On the road)
roads clear : check
(although I do remember someone told me, drive SLOW)

Distance : e2 to kalyaninagar
Location : Le Meridien
Luckily I'm on the left side of the road, after impressing all the vehicles I left behind with the speed and agility of my vehicle (ignore the noise it makes).My vehicle gives up! Shut..shut...shut!
Me : Ohh ****! is e2 closer or my place. No i'm midway. There's no mechanic at this hour! What do I do! There's scream here, full of drunkards (though maybe this hour is too early for them) Okay, when this happened at take1 what did dad do? Kick and kick as if your life depended on it. So that's what I did. Kick..kick..kick...(I had anyway eaten lots of cheese so I had to burn it somehow)....it starts showing signs of life. Yaay, lets go..and slow this time.
So, finale is happy. I reach home. Before mom could start yelling about me being late, I start cribbing
Me : You know what?? The bike stopped midway. It was so scary you know. I was so scared. I kicked and kicked and my leg hurts.
Mom : Ohh. (to Dad) you need to do something about the bike.
Okay, so..the bike saved me today :) Cheers to my kine!


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