Life is no bed of roses...its a life full of work!

Very often these days I come across thoughts like these in the IT industry,
"I'm bored of this ***** job!"
"I'm bored of my life. Its not what I dreamt of"
"Is it the work or the nature of the job itself?This isn't a life I wanted"

Caught in these thoughts and wandering through the streets, I came across a couple of people and it felt as if they read my thoughts and hence had decided to show me the reality of life.
A bus conductor. What is his job? Collect fares in a moving bus, full of people with no place to stand or move. plus minus multiply in your head continuously while making sure you do not make a mistake. At the same time you are expected to make sure people get down at their respective destinations, make sure everyone has bought a ticket. Does this sound boring? Ever thought about why conductors are invariantly irritable. The people travelling are their means of getting off their frustration, at least that's what I have come to believe.
A person at a paper stall. What is his job? He sits at his stall throughout and dreads strolling around lest he should lose any customer. How much does he earn per paper, per magazine? Ever wondered? Is his job interesting?
A rickshaw driver. What is his job? He drives people to and fro, throughout the day. He his always amidst maddening traffic, maddening driving styles these days. Is his job less frustrating? Wonder why they squabble over even a few paisa?
Why do they do what they do? Why have they chosen these jobs? Why as a matter of fact did we chose the IT industry?
We made a conscious decision. You either accept the fact that you are doing something terribly wrong and have to change profession OR you to stay in this industry forever, cribbing over every single thing you are made to do OR you pave a new path for yourself. There is no use cribbing or getting depressed. Do not question your abilities, do not lose confidence. It is but natural to get bored of doing something over and over again. But, we are lucky that we have the resources, the strength, the education, the support we need to start our life anew.


Nik said…
Nice post ... And a lesson or two for all the cribbers (and i believe, that includes .. .everybody!) :)
Zaru said…
thanku :) one..i ever satisfied..with anything! so cribbing is maybe..our keep-alive..:)

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