My first marathi post!

Yes..first ever!
After having a gruelling argument on how English is better than devanagari and then losing by falling flat on my face...(not that I wasn't going to write the post in marathi before) but then I though, what better way of losing graciously than writing a post in devanagari itself ;)
Okay, so here is the post. Feel free to point out mistakes in spellings and grammar as well as sentence formations. I'm sure there are plenty of them.


OMG, zarin. ..sorry to say, but, a average try .. and road is very difficult for of luck.. :P :P :P
Dont get disappointed.. :D

You should get MARATHI posts reviewed by someone who WRITES in marathi..

Cheers to your courage to post this post.. :P
Zaru said…
If i get them reviewed...they dnt remain my words...n there are mistakes..i'm sure there getting them reviewed is nt the solution..
It would help if you could point out the place they are!

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