An eventful last week of the year!

Yes, I wrote a similar post last year too. And luckily we kept this tradition intact. Last week of the year..with family :)

Here are the highlights:

- Its great to know people who explore new places/fun stuff/food and are not mean enough to hide details from you. They wish for you to go and experience the fun as they did. There are some people, rare to find though, who are still kind enough.

- Spending time with family is awesome! Specially when you get to plan the trips and get your parents to enjoy the stuff you experienced :)

- Airtel network is bad..real bad! It leaves you when you need it the most! And I hate Airtel!

- If the food being served/made is good, it doesn't mean that your appetite has increased three-fold :p
Learn to limit the intake, especially of "non-diet-friendly" food :D

- Sometimes, your priorities will conflict. And you have to make a choice. You can't keep everyone happy, but one person you should keep happy, is, yourself!

- James Bond movies have a lot of flaws in them. Wonder how people really admire these movies. Critique apart :p, movies are fun to watch with family when you can comment on almost every scene and no one minds.

- Pune is not as open minded as I thought it was. I thought it was my city, but today it feels as if I'm an outsider. Infact, I'm not sure there's any place in the world where I won't feel like an outsider!

- Pune is not all nice and posh and its not one bit like the image I had, from childhood. Ofcourse I had heard things, but as the saying goes Seeing is believeing, so after I saw the areas one should avoid, I sure don't feel the same about this city anymore.

- I realised that I have been living in a dream world and that I still haven't seen the world as is. I still have glasses of kindness on my eyes. The world out there is not kind. Its ruthless, illogical, insensitive and corrupt. There are few who also admit to robbing you of your hard earned money by saying Tumhi hishob kela na, mhanun tumhala kalla ki 92 zhale. Nahitar mi roundoff karun 100 mhannar hoto. Ka mhanje, aamhi kiti sutte paise thevayche, ithe 1-2 nahi, 1000 grahak yetat! Seriously, this is called rounding off with someone else's money!


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