Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year!

Another year gone by, time to reflect and make a rough plan of what I want to achieve this year. I started this last year and hope to continue this tradition.

The year that was, 2011
* Professional life, a little dip I would say. Friends gone, group gone and a lot of new people. Atmosphere has changed and hoping it will be positive this year.
* Meagre blogging! Really, look at the posts I published this year, and its only 12! Yes, I have two more blogs, the movie and the books and the reason I separated them is so that I could keep this one focused on me! But it seems I have lost focus about the most important person, myself :|
* My new Activa and my Droid :) (Yes, I didn't write about my bike :| There are so many of my posts lying in the drafts folder :| )
* My first flight was in 2011. A company trip to Hyderabad to attend the Java One Technical Fest. (Yes, this post is still in drafts :| )
* I did read quite a few books this year. Not as many as I would have liked, but I am progressing. One site coaxing, or rather pushing me to do so is goodreads.

Now moving on to the resolutions for this year, 2012!
* I want to read more
* I should blog more
* I want to concentrate a bit more on drawing/painting. Recently trying my hand at drawing on the NOTE, I realized how completely absorbed I get while doing so, and the feeling after completing your painting is indescribable!
* I want to write atleast one post without smileys! Words should be enough to express your feelings, if they are rightly put ofcourse.
* I have decided to wake early and ofcourse sleep early too.
* I want to give "fitness" a fair chance this year.
* Facebook games has been eating into a lot of my free time, last year atleast. I plan to not kill time this year. Yes those games are fun, sometimes, but not worth getting addicted to.
* I have decided to get less attracted to gossip. Talking about other people is foolish and is a waste of time. You can't change things by cribbing, you have to change your ways to stay happy always!

And to end, here's a yummy new year cake my sis made, the snap is without the icing, but it looks yummy anyhow :)


Mohsin Khan said...

accha hai accha hai.. esp. post w/o smileys wala :p

Zaru said...

haha..i'll try..
btw..ur comment has smileys..

Pravaahit... said...

smileys, facebook games n gossip.. \m/ just do it! :) (but smileys help :( :) )

Zaru said...

yup..tats the key..do it!
I am trying..lesse if I can continue it through the year (that is if the world does not end suddenly)
Smileys..its hard to not use smileys!

Satish said...

good luck for 2012..cheers!

AmrutaTheOptimist said...

Perfectly agree with u regarding smileys..... i am copying one or two of your resolutions.. Loved them...
FB games... huh.. tujhe kab ka bola tha chod kar ke..
Gossip : huh.. i dont think u can achieve that resolution..

Zaru said...

thanks Satish..wish you the very best!

Amruta: copying is a sin!
fb games..i haven't left them..they're just going to be eating into less of my time. btw I don't play farmville anymore.
And gossip, its not impossible and I will do it!