Another weekend getaway..

This time the weekend getaway was split - at opposite ends.

Saturday the 7th of Feb, we went to Kashid, with office colleagues, a trip I thought, given our current planning and absolutely no discussion about the trip, we were never going to make. Happily surprised though, when we finalized the plan a few days before.

After a lot of shuffling and not this and not here and there, Sachin's car with M, Jitendra and me, met Sabhtarsha's car with Yo, Dabre, Rathod, Ameya and Manoj at Joshi wadewale at 7:30. Since Rahul's car hadn't left yet, we asked him to meet us directly at the Khopoli mall. We had a sort-of breakfast there, all excited for the trip. I also met a school friend of mine, got introduced to her husband and discussed school times a little, along with the newly formed whatsapp group. After the breakfast and chai and juice, we started out for kashid.

Jitendra, M and me continued in Sachin's car, with songs and discussions and jokes and a lot of jokes on the Honda-City that only wants to overtake, even when there is no one to overtake.

We stopped on the way for one small photoshoot, where we finally have one couple pic, thanks to Rishi. (yaay!).

We reached our destination by 11:30, everyone being very very hungry. One part of the beach is very crowded with eating stalls and rides. We moved on to a part where the number of people were less. Few of the others went on, to find us a room and a place to eat, while we carried on to explore the beach.

After changing and have a more than filling lunch, we moved on to the beach. Yes it was very sunny, but no one was bothered. We were running, screaming, playing with the flying disc, cricket ball, football altogether.

After everyone was red-enough we all sat down for a while, discussing what to do next. Everyone wanted to get into the water, but this time there were concerns about the sun overhead. After a few minutes of jokes and more jokes, we all finally thought it a good idea to not think and maybe just get into the water. The currents are really scary with a lot of force. The sand is silvery white but it shifts so easily beneath your feet, you never know when you will find yourself inside a ditch. No wonder this beach is infamous for accidents. And then Rahul insisted we have a banana ride. Even though I know how to swim, the accidents and talks about the scary currents just wouldn't let me say yes. I was almost going to miss it. When Sabhtarsha insisted that it IS a one time experience, I said lets. We went on the ride, M being so concerned since I was so scared. Even the people helping us with the floats were so concerned that I was concerned.
The moment they drop you into the water, its a feeling of complete numbness. You're not really sure where you are. Of course once you are at the surface, you know what needs to be done. But that moment, I can never forget.
The ride people help you back onto the boat, I got the first helping hand, and we were off to the beach. The second drop, near the beach, we all fell over each other, everyone being hurt some place or the other.
We did play for some more time and then a few of us, carried on to get changed. The remaining guys played a lot of cricket, I gather, with censored videos (which I am really not sure why they won't share). After everyone was ready, and had had a hot cup of chai, we came back to watch the sun set. And I can still see those countless colors smudged together making such a beautiful sight.

We overshot our leaving time, left by 7pm and were welcomed with a lot of slow traffic. We reached the expressway by almost 10pm and stopped to have dinner, yes we were all famished! We all reached home by 12:30 or so, with lots of memories to talk about.

But for M and me, we had one more day to look forward to, we had to travel to Ahmednagar for his college friend's wedding (Aba or Musa). Shri was to pick us at 7:30am, but luckily for us, he reached by 8:30. We left for another one day trip, en route Dhaval and Renu's pickup, to the nagar highway. We had a lot of talks and discussions on the way, so much so that we also missed the venue, for the lack of a bigger board, but reached in time. Congratulated the couple, had a nice lunch, heard a lot of jokes, had a lot of girl gang discussions and then started the journey back to Pune. Ofcourse, like last time all the gals got into DJ's car. We wanted to plan an evening outing, with dinner, but since everyone was so exhausted and Shri had a reception to attend, we stopped for chai and some snacks and carried on home, with lots of new plans in mind.

P.S. After the fun-filled weekend, we had to take one day off for the adrenaline to get back to normal.


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