The story that lead to..

This post was in a draft since, I guess sometime in the beginning of 2013. I just happened to visit my blog, and saw that I had written around 47 posts in 2009 and come 2014 the count has dropped to just one post. Only one post, in a whole year, in 365 days? This got me thinking and I started browsing my posts and came up with quite a few drafts. I picked this one first, to make a come back, since blogger has been in this, right from the beginning. So here it goes, I won't modify the content, just complete the post.

Now that plans have been finalized to promote the story to the next level, I thought it is only apt to recap a little bit. Not very elaborate, for the details are best kept for the memories of those involved to keep it fresh forever.

It started here with truth and dare as the ice breaker. After that there were never ending talks, discussions, arguments and time was always less. Snacks time would start and then never end until we thought its high time we start back home.

This phase continued for quite some time and then it was formal after this event or rather post. It was a moment of anxiety and thrill and fear and happiness and a whole bucket load of emotions and luckily they all behaved well. The courting period started (How it did start is another story, maybe some other post will mention it sometime) and had a lot of highs (of course there might have been lows but I decided never to note them and hence I do not remember them).

I am not sure about the motive to write this post back then, one obvious reason might be - the people who kept asking for a story. Even after a story, the obvious question almost always is, so who popped the question. So let me tell you, ours is a story which does not have dates to be remembered. Ours was a journey which started without being planned, which has climbed the official big step and will continue, forever.


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