Happy New Year!

Yes, I just came by to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year, but I also just took a peek at the posts I have written in the year that went by and its been just 2 (Actually its one more post than I had written in 2014!)

No, the year that went by was not un-eventful. Infact it had so many travels, so many stories worth jotting down and so many emotions worth expressing.
I should atleast write the "end of the year" and "new year resolutions" post, so that way I have a count of 2 posts by default each year. And then maybe I will one day complete the new year resolutions so that I do not have to just copy-paste it in the next year too.

So, the year that went by 2015 - Highlights
- Lots of holidays and travel
- Lots of socializing and spending quality time with friends
- Also organised a treasure hunt event in office (yes, again!)
- I now have a nephew who goes by the name of Ayaan and yes, he is damn cute. (Should write something about the experiences with him some day)
- We finally learned to drive a geared vehicle, yes the clutch and gears etc and yes, we passed the license test too! Yoohoo!
- Celebrated M's 30th birthday in a great way
- Started decorating our home - and yes it feels awesome
- Bought a camera, an awesome camera, that has magnified our eyesight multi-fold.
- Planned and executed a holiday with both the families!
See, each would have been post-worthy.

Anyway, you have a happy new year and hope you fulfill all your new year resolutions. I hope to keep the post count to at least 12 this year i.e. at least one post per month. Wish me luck!


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