The Moon

As I mentioned in my last post, we bought an amazing camera that has increased the range of our vision. When we decided to buy a camera though, it was just with the intention of taking snaps that are better than the ones taken by the phone camera. We started out with this one basic need and then since a good zoom is always welcome, settled with the Canon SX60HS after a lot of research.
Once it arrived, we tried giving each function a try and took a few snaps here and there. The first weekend, we thought 'why not give the moon shot a try'. We went to our building parking area, where we could see the moon. We looked at it through the lens and zoomed in, as far as we could go and we were spellbound. We could see the craters, the famous (this name will seem familiar only if you are a 2001 space odyssey fan) Tycho crater, the seas, the undulations. (This is one useful image)

The moon has always mesmerized me, and looking at it up close, firsthand, is a feeling that I am not capable of expressing very well in words.
Till date, I had seen such details only in snaps available online (Yes, now these snaps will be one of them) This experience was mind boggling and post this, the enthusiasm just went up by leaps and bounds.

P.S. I am sure you will see a lot of new posts because of the new lens that I now have.

P.P.S. That tells me, that I should also get down to study the moon in better detail.


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