Daily horoscope - 6/2/2009

Today my horoscope says...

"You will be irritated by someone's behavior. Try to be diplomatic or leave the place"

someone's gonna irritate me...so much so that I hafta leave the place..man..im eagerly waiting for this one...
Anyone..wanna give it a shot...? :P

and surprisingly...my word of the day today happens to be
'propitiatory' - (adj) intended to calm or appease someone who is angry with you


hey, who was that guy zar ????

:P :P :P

evn, i m curious to knw abt him/her... so, tht i can congratulate him/her for irritating u (as that is my fav hobby :P )

waiting for answer...
Pravaahit... said…
hehe.. sahi re... so anything happend like that or no??
Zaru said…
arey...luckily(or unluckily)...no one even came close to irritating me tat day...shyaa...all these prophecies na..:)

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