An awesome place....with awesome awesome weekend...!

We started off on Friday, the 20th of February. We had planned to leave in lunch hours, so as not to miss our Friday bash, but as always...unexpected webex sessions, review sessions etc delayed it to a little past 1:30pm. Nevertheless we were all excited and armed with toys and snacks to have on the way, we left office. Our first stop, the petrol pump became a very long stop. Manish’s car had a flat tyre. We moved on (in Vijay’s gaddi) and decided to meet at Soul Curry. We slurped up yummy ginger-pepper(or was it garlic...not sure) rice. Had amazing coffee, but the other car didn’t park itself at the resto till close to 3:15pm. The other bhooke log had their share of rice and coffee, and just as we the bill was being paid, we noticed the tyre was flat again...!!

After much ado, we finally started for diveagar at around 5pm.
The traffic was stepping up, especially in the village what with their markets and people walking on the streets as if the roads were footpaths. But the journey was fun. We were finally heading towards a nice weekend. For me, it was a chance to get to know my, then just, colleagues.
The journey was filled with songs, discussions, rummy(yeah I learnt rummy on the fly...;) and Vijay was driving well, but was lost. He didn’t know what to do with three girls...all yakking away, it was as if we were training his expectations from his one year old daughter...:D
We borrowed an indipop CD from Manish, only to find that he didn’t know the meaning of Indipop, and we did find out about his amazingly weird taste of songs. But we later found out it was Mohsin’s trick and he just did what he was good at ‘kasa gandavla’. We were also entertained by the daemon’s exceptional driving skills, wherein he drives the vehicle with his parking lights on and we have to overtake him just to inform him that his car is not stationary anymore. MD also, keeps giving indications of turning left and right, when there is no turn on a lonely road with a single lane.
We finally reached our place at divegar at 10:30pm. The rooms were nice, and the place was awesome. It was very closr to the beach, and very close to nature. The hammock, the swing, the katta were an instant hit. The delicious chicken and fish kept us munching for quite some time.

Then came the campfire. We went out onto the beach around 12am. Set up a campfire and Mohsin took it upon himself to keep the light burning. He just didn’t let the fire die down, and completely overcame his temptation to indulge in futile discussions of logic (which he usually aces ;)

The campfire also helped us discover ‘Mohini’, a laughing, intelligent, perky ‘pret aatma’ who resides in some ‘dongaravarcha mandir’. The sea looked pretty scary to me at night, but could not resist a dip. Everyone decided to go to bed and wake up around 7am, so that we could take a nice peaceful morning walk on the beach. We slept at around 3am.
Next day we were at the beach by 8am. It wasn’t crowded. Most of us got into water while Manish, Mohsin and Vijay preferred to take a walk on the beach.

The wave effect was overwhelming. We had to be forced to come out, to have our breakfast. Unwillingly we did come out to have poha. While some went off to place our lunch order, some preferred reading, some sleeping on the ever so inviting hammock, Manish decided to give his camera a trial run. He clicked snaps, of people who were posing, didn’t want to pose for his camera. But ya, I’ll give him credit for some of his snaps, that were really nice.

Sometime later Charuta and I decided to go to the beach to dry up and also click some snaps. We spotted some rocks on the farther left side and decided to perch ourselves on the rocks. There was no plain path leading to the rocks, so we decided to wade through water to reach the rocks. As luck would have it, a slipper slipped off and floated into the sea. We tried sending a hurried SOS to the guys who were far away, but they only interpreted it as ‘get the ball and come into the water.’ The slipper showed us the way and we followed it till we reached some rocks. The rocks edges were made of shells, and we did get cut, but we didn’t feel the bruises in water. We clicked snaps on the rocks and were happy we had an adventure of sorts reaching the rocks. Later we played ‘wave frisbee’ for a long time. Only while cleaning up, to go for lunch did we actually find the umpteen cuts and scratches we had had. We were bruised really bad on our feet and found it difficult to walk. But we still didn’t regret our adventure..:D. We had lunch at Thosar’s which was okayish types. Later in the afternoon we decided to take some rest. Some took naps. Manish, Khyati and I were awake and tried to keep each other awake by yakking. But with the daemon’s efforts at ‘batofying gyaan’ we almost fell asleep. We girls did overpower him for sometime but gave up on the impossible case we were faced with.
In the evening we decided to visit another beach on the way to Shriwardhan. It was a lovely beach with its sand being a silvery white color. The patterns on the sand were remarkable. Guys played catch catch and relived their younger days.

We reached the beach near our place at around 7pm. We played ‘sand frisbee’ this time till the lights diminished slowly.
Back at the pavilion we were thinking of some game to play. After much persuasion we decided to start dumb charades, but considering the torcher we went through when we tried playing this game with the guys, we finally decided its not worth the effort. So, this time we played a game of truth and dare. Some took dares, like climbing the ‘nariyal ka ped’ and yelling at some group nearby who were playing their songs very loud. Most of the people chose truth and it got serious by the minute. If not thoroughly enlightening, it sure did help me know my colleagues better and make them friends. The mood continued till dinner and while slurping some delicious fish and modak we also played a round-robin fashion truth round. This game did earn me a lot. I opened up a teeny meeny bit and my colleagues became friends...! I love this game..:)
Later we played a game of cards, wherein Amit learnt how to hold a whole pack in his hands in the ‘fan pattern’ :P We slept off that day by 1:30am as we had to wake up by 6am next day. We left diveagar next day by 9am. This time we took a CD from the daemon, we made sure it was a good one. We had an inter-car dance competition and danced away to really loud music. Reached Pune by 2pm and we said our good byes and departed.

Monday morning we are still in the weekend mood, discussing snaps...discussing comments on snaps and reliving our amazing weekend. Guys, we should plan another fun filled trip...!!


heyyy, soo fun-filled weekend.....
I feel envy of you now.. :P :P ..
wow, but, nice snaps.. finally, your wish about konkan trip is full-filled now.
Charuta said…
YAY!! kya maja aaya! espec the rock part! Thanx for writing it :) lets plan another one soon
Zaru said…
yeah trip we'll neva forget

plan wat..another rocky trip..:P
i cudnt miss mentioning our adventure re...:D

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