Planning phase...

I know...the weekend has not yet started...
No i don't have a description about an amazing trip we had to some place..(thats probably the next post though..:)

The planning phase...of our early weekend worth mentioning...there's so much fun planning it sure the trip is going to be extremely memorable..!

The plan-weekend trip to diveagar
Planned-During the Friday bash 13Feb
Unluckily I missed this bash, but when I heard about the trip I was excited. But as always there's a question lingering in everyone's mind...'are we really going to execute this plan?'
So to begin with, everyone was persistent that we do reach the execution stage. Bookings were almost done. Plans were in place.
Everyone has a different reason for going for the trip. Someone wants a break, someone wants to go anywhere on the diveagar is fine, someone wants to hog just because he's just completed a GM diet..(maybe not for all the seven days..but I guess the first two days were enough for him to start realising how important eating food that you like is..;)
We need to decide what 'namkeen' and juices etc we need to carry for the journey, and someone shouts...fruits are a must, and not just any dozen will be over in an hour...:-o
We need to carry a frizbee and a ball to play on the beach, this work is handed over to our ohh so ever ready to work guy, and he keeps saying he's going to get it...I'm sure, we're going to have to buy it ourselves though..:)
Then again we are going to be travelling by cars, there are two cars...there have already been so many discussions on who is going by whose car..that I'm sure no one really remembers their decisions..;)
And as everyone in this newfound 'mast maula' group of mine at a foodie...(I'm glad...i found people of my kin)...we will make sure we don't miss out on this week's Friday bash...before we start our enjoyable weekend trip..!!


Pravaahit... said…
happy journey!!!! :)
Pappul said…
hey enjoy yourself ... make it a point to be at the beach between 9 30 am and 11 am ... u may see dolphins ... and make sure u eat lots and lots of fish and prawns ... and modaks ... just have a blast ... Cheers ... !!
Zaru said…

okay sure..will be the specified time...
and ya one of the motivations for the trip is hogging nly..:)

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