Its not that all those around haven't found out till now, that I could gobble up innumerable after another. CadB, shrikhand..almost anything sweet goes down in a jiffy.
After having an incomparable sizzling brownie at Mainland, I didn't want to go for anything else. But thankfully, after reading the description in the menu, we just called for it to give it a try.

Chocolate rolls with ice cream. Sounds usual. When it appeared, our reaction was 'ok we'll have it'

But when I took it close...its nothing like the usual...a roll... overflowing with thick...yummy chocolate sauce. Add to it a little vanilla icecream and put it in. It felt out of this world. Rather i was transported to another world...a world in which the rivers flow with chocolate and the rocks are brownies...The leaves are pastries and everything around me is chocable....:)

It was one hell of a dessert. Not sure if it contained something that made me feel drowsy..and dizzy. 
Next time I go to Mainland, thats the only dish I'm having...and not only one but maybe even three of them..:D


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