When my daily horoscope said...

My horoscope for 19th May '09 said...

'You will be faced with a problem today. A Gemini will come to your aid'

Instantly I knew..today is the day when I will find a .. Gemini friend...something like..'a friend in need is a friend indeed'....(whatever that meant..:)

Anyway, first thing was me falling in trouble, which is a rare case (considering spending majority of my time in office vellegiri). But I just found the whole proposition so tempting that I put up a status message that read 'A Gemini is supposed to help me today!'

What enused was a series of discussions and discoveries.
For starters, I was offered help by many Geminis I knew (rather I discovered that they were Geminis..)
Then came the many specualtions as to why geminis have been given the special privilege. Of course the college crowd could go no further than who is 'the' gemini you are looking for. Then came a very funny conclusion that maybe the Gemini (the privileged Gemini) will actually help me create a problem...:D

Anyway, one discussion reached a point, which made me think
How true is astrology and its predictions. 
Is astrology meant to predict you?

After browsing through the entire listing of encyclopedia entries on astrology I could not conclude, whether defining a person's characteristics based on the position of the stars on his/her birth is valid. This debate can continue for ever. 

So i decided to look up astrology types, terms etc.

These terms were interesting. Not sure if they exist or are practiced.

And, yes the predicted event about a gemini coming to my rescue did not occur...tried to find some explanations...found one argument that said, astrology cannot predict events in their entireity. So astrological predictions cannot be definite. So my daily horoscope was not true? (another debate..here..) 
"Astrology does not tie you to being a certain way, and it doesn't predict everything about you. Astrology explains the energy in your life and its potential challenges and possibilities. You can evolve from your chart. Astrology is about you. What you can learn from it can help you make a choice between free will and destiny." 

Read and reread a lot about birth charts, natal charts etc.

Finally i concluded that "These issues are too complex for an ordinary person to understand and they are rendered more complicated when an effort is made to substantiate or illustrate them with the help of drawings, graphs or charts using strange astrological mumbo jumbo, which incidentally is essential to state the position accurately."

So...here, I rest my case..:)


Mohsin Khan said…
The 'terms' link is fundoo.. esp Horary astrology, where the ans to a q depends on time and space coordinates.. Exams can't exist in such a Universe, and no bugs will be reproducible.. Hell, even your name wud change.. That wud've been cool.. :p
Zaru said…
hehe..i knew is term pe..comments aane hi hai..frm ya ofcurz..:P

yes...even i liked tat particular term..sahi na..:)...bt my name wud nt change..:P
Pappul said…
so what happened finally? did a Gemini help u create the problem or solve it? or did you get convinced that astrology doesnt work? :P
Zaru said…
ur guess...abt a gemini creating a prob .. didnt come true..
my conclusion : I cannot follow astrology..and hidden meanings in the specualtions(they are damn general)
Pravaahit... said…
asa kahi nasta.... horoscope vagare khota asta sagala.... kadhi kadhich tya lokanni kelele predictions khare hotat...
Pratik said…
astrology to me, depends upon the way you look at it. Sometimes, they say all nice things and you want yourself to believe at them or map them with you. And they write all general things. So, depends upon you how much you wanna take.

Hey, nice blog. and you've got one follower.
Zaru said…
yes..im coming to believe the same...:(

yes..its kinda too general, so much so tat they can always say they're specualtions are true..!
and thnx..:)

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