Reunion...of sorts

Long over...and come monday, I was still in the 'ftp' (i.e. full time pass...coined by Mohsin) mood. Was discussing some arbitrary...stuff wid a buddy (Hemant) and we stumbled upon the idea of a reunion of PICT (comp ppl who are in town). Initially just floated messages and tried to find out if people are actually interested. After we received affirmatives and saw that people were enthusiastic about meeting up, we started getting plans into place.
First of all a day...time..and place.
Most of the people suggested Sunday is a good day, and a place in the center of the city would be better, we decided on Sunday Mocha (Law college road). This plan was almost final (we finalised it ourselves actually, since people couldn't really suggest a place for 15-20 people). So then there was another round of messages...and poor Hemant, no one replied to his message(but they did reply to mine..:P)
Then, another twist in the tale...sunday got sort of booked for some reasons and had to shift the reunion to saturday. Another round of messaging and confusion..(all this happening on friday..:D) Finally saturday 4pm Mocha was decided (This was the perfect time that was preferable to all)

Come  saturday morning, I am receiving calls and messages as to "Are we actually meeting?'. Come on many confirmations do you need...:)
(The planning part was fun...and I remember the discussions we had while planning it..they were hialrious..!)

Come 4pm Saturday we are at Mocha. Nice place. Nice ambience. The couch is very comfortable(would have fallen asleep had I not slept sufficiently the previous night..:D) Seeing familiar faces after almost 10 months..felt really nice. Everyone was excited. Exchanged greetings then the usual..where are you..hows life..future plans...and all the formal enquiry stuff. Then started the real fun, pulling this one's and that one's leg. Making fun of the popular 'tease groups' in front of them. Boy, it felt I was back to college...we had our PLs and were discussing how many units we've managed to touch yet..:D

The milkshakes were also nice there. Had heard a lot about lindt chocolate shake and decided to try it out. Tasted heavenly..and the company just added to the taste good feel good factor.

We dispersed at around 7:15pm. Said our byes and felt that the 3 hours just passed by so soon. We didnt really realise that it was time to part ways soon..!
I then carried on with two of my closest friends Amruta and Ashwini. We decided to go to Mainland China and gorge on some desserts and talk about life and etc etc..(in short all the gossip..:D). Yeah I was the driving force on the decision to go to Mainland, I wanted to have those chocolate rolls...:D
We sat there in the nice soothing ambience of Mainland while munching on a delicious mushroom starter and ofcourse my chocolate rolls...! We discussed our life (yeah we get to every minute detail no one can really ever think of..:) Yakked on till around 9pm and then decided to leave. We do meet often like once in two weeks..and talk online almost every other day..but it still felt 'hope we could stay together just for a litle while longer..'

Supercharged and refreshed I came back home...with memories that will remain with me forever....


Pappul said…
we also had our reunion this weekend ... and I can understand the confusion and unending confirmations ... and the hilarious discussions ... looks like u had a great time ... Cheers ... !!
John said…
looks like u had very gr888888888 time on Saturday... n yeah planning n stuff is most confusing n u can enjoy tht moments also...
Pravaahit... said…
M missing all this yaar.... :( :(
I really miss u all... n wanna meet u soon..................
Zaru said…
@pratik @vaishnav
seriously..had an awesome time...!

aga tu yetiye na..tevha jasti dhammal karu..:)
heyyy ,zar, again lovely post by u. i liked it....
very appropriate words.. :)

I m just feeling like v should go on gossiping .... :)

so, when is the next time meeting???

:P :P :P

2moro for lunch? :P :P
Zaru said…
hehe..thanku... just a ping away..;)

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