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Saturday morning....thats spent in sleeping right..but not today!
Two early risers..and gym goers...plan a the gym!
Calls follow...and am woken up from my sleep at 10am...unable to register the fact that the cell number was C, but the voice was V :P
Anyway what followed was a getting dressed..convincing parents...didnt have a bike..(bechara serviceing mein pada tha..) Anyway managed to get hold of another bike, petrol..rain..brakes failed me...and I reached damn damn late, thanks guys for waiting up for moi!

The trip started at 12pm...but it wasn't sunny. It was pleasant for noon time. Started with a chai. Next stop was at Sinhagad. We hadn't reached the top. It was somewhere in between. We stopped for some snaps..and decided to climb till a hill...we could see some distance away. The path was carved out but was very narrow. Wind that blew was very very strong, so much so that you could actually try jumping into the valley but you won't fall. Now this is only possible when the wind is blowing in the right direction.. ;)
Anyway, we reached our rock. The view from there was awesome! Fog, light-dark, clearing in the clouds, dark clouds, greenery... all visible at the same time. No words can describe how awesome it felt!

We climbed down by around 2 or 2:30 pm. Proceeded towards the top. Obviously it beeing a weekend and the monsoons it was all crowded. The weather was good..the company was good...the chit chat was as usual amusing..the little baccha fights (I like calling it bachcha fights...coz that makes me feel happy that theres someone younger to me..:P)..the snap taking pains..the fight with my cell battery..priceless. We had some nice jhunka bhakar and dahi and bharit (I didnt have this) and bhajji (I didnt have this too). We also devised a foolproof plan of strangling M, here we all know which M we are talking about ;)

We came down by around 5 or 5:30pm and I was back home by 7:30. An awesome short trip. Unforgettable memories...:)


Mohsin said…
Well, it might do well to remember that it was M who showed that the method was foolproof. Was it a wise course of action, time will tell.. :p
But yes, awesome fun.. (and might I add, totally unplanned :)
Unknown said…
lol tats nt imp..i shud hav completed the task..i tried starting.. :P
n yes..totally unplanned..sahi tha..:)
Pappul said…
very few pics for a trip as good as it is written about ... pics bhejo saare ... !!
Unknown said…
ikattha karke..picassa pe upload karti..
invi mil jaega..:)
V R said…
unplanned trips are always better thn planned ones...
i wish i was in pune in this period of mansoon... :(
Cool yaar. seems u had lots of fun. But, i suggest ,go hiking on sinhagad next time. it is more fun than going by bike :P
the fort is not difficult one. :)
vinaya said…
Whats with all the non english??
And the C-V confusion! The first thing i did is declare myself. Koi meri baat sunta hi nahi :(
Anyway, as long as we made it to the top. And back!
Unknown said…
true..unplanned aur bhi mazaa aaya..!

yea we went by car nt bike..:P

non-eng just for some variety..:)
n arey neend mein wo part miss ho gaya..:)

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