Parle..pense..mais rien changeth!

Person X : No, false impressions are not your fault
Person Y : But isn't it I, who can reduce errors
Person X : Why do you wanna help everyone around, when you really can't change the way thoughts proceed.
Person Y : hmm, maybe there is no hope.

Person X : Its sad not being able to do, what you want to.
Person Y : The world works that way, face it.
Person X : How easy it is to say I wanna be a rebel, I guess I need to start implementing some of it.

Person X : Calling oneself silly, is silly?
Person Y : Don't ask a person as silly as me.
Person X : Yeah, but if you were as silly as I thought, I wouldn't have asked ya right?
Person Y : Hmm, right. Maybe calling oneself silly is being humble.
Person X : Yeah, absolutely right. Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks.

Person X : Is there a limit for stupidity?
Person Y : I don't know my limits yet.
Person X : Ohh, how would I know if I broke the records then. Sigh..a loser there too!

Person X : Can we go back to the time, humans were first born?
Person Y : Wow!! an extraordinary idea. Cool. Sure I can take you there. What do ya wanna accomplish?
Person X : I wanna set straight some inherent faults in the way gender bias functions. I guess people might thank me sometime, if ofcourse I make it happen.

Person X : Don't you ever get bored complaining?
Person Y : Well, yeah you're right. Maybe I should just start talking in a language no one understands. That way, I'll be able to let out all the suppressed feelings and no one would ever know. You're a genius ya. Thanks.

Person X : Don't you feel, all the world around you is plotting against you.
Person Y : Ohh, well I supposed to feel that way. Ohh wait, maybe I do. But how do you know?

Person X : Is there anything like a feelings remover cream?
Person Y : Yeah, heard of something called 'numb' ?

Person X : Man! You were awesome! How did you manage that?
Person Y : Err, what?? Did I do something wrong? Ohh, wait your actually praising me?Am I dreaming? Come on, I can't do anything worth mentioning..
Person X : Am serious dude! It was too good!
Person Y : Ok ok..I get the hint. Am shooing away. I can take it no more.

Person X : Have you heard of the dumbness quotient? I bet you have, else you would have had the highest score. But you know what, I topped it. I am the dumbest!
Person Y : That can't be. I thought I was at the apex. Damn! I need to work harder.

Person X : I guess am going mad!
Person Y : Well, I never disagree with you right?
Person X : Yeah, thanks. merci pour portant avec moi!


Mohsin Khan said…
Usted es bienvenido:) Y nunca olvidar Randy Pausch. Las cosas cambian. Poco a poco tal vez .. Seguir trabajando ..
Zaru said…
Me habla en un idioma diferente del todo ..:)
Randy Pausch .. sí, pero la depresión es inevitable .. aunque sea momentánea!

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