1 year and still moving on...

I complete my first year with the IT industry...I complete 1 year of corporate life today on the 6th of July 2009.

Last year, the 7th July..was a day full of apprehensions, expectations, adjustment, anxiety. My first day at work...just fresh out of college. I didnt't even have my BE results then, not that I was doubtful of the results..:P For my experience on the first day, read this.

My first year has been so enjoyable, and I'm sure it wouldnt have been as much fun, had I not been at AirTight. People here are fun, and give you the freedom to work as per your convenience as long as your convenient schedules do no outstretch the company deadlines, which is more than fair. Thats precisely why I never missed important events like, results (even though they were on a Saturday),my convocation ceremony. I havent missed other fun too like meeting friends for a movie, or a coffee or for shopping...all at my convenience.

The environment is conducive too. And my idea of working is work combined with fun. If its only work maybe I wouldnt have been here for more than a month. And after making lovely friends here, you always find someone who's equally bored as you..sometimes in the sleepy afternoon hours, sometimes in the mooonday blues, sometimes during snack hours. Thanks for keeping me company during all my hours of boredom :)

I have in this one year worked on many aspects of the product called SGE. When you work on something, you have to handle everything from the start till the end, which is what gives you the exposure you need. One particular feature which I will always remember was working on the IPv6 protocol, right in the beginning. It was one hell of a experience. Had to put together a lot of reading combined with trial an error. Another experience I will always treasure is working to find a LDAP library, v6 compliant. Downloading open source code, finding the modification needed within it...and later contributing to open source. My first ever contribution, and if I have heard correctly, my company's first ever contribution to the open source community.
Another experience worth mentioning is the multi-byte support. I can never forget my first bug, which kept reopening for some or the other reason since some component did not support encoding and then listeners and etcetera..etcetera. The "Korean ssid" bug haunts me till date..:) This support and its bugs...are not over and am sure they are going to give me many more loggy dreams...:P
The people around are more than helpful, so working with them keeps you learning. Every assignment be it big or small always ends up teaching me something or the other. That's what really keeps me going. Not to mention all my silly mistakes I end up discovering..:) There have been several occasions when my senior team mates(everyone is a senior actually..but anyway) have faced the music because of my silly..silliest mistakes, but never have they let me face the consequences directly. I appreciate it and that's what reminds me each time, to check, double check for any dumb mistakes...:) I know that they are not going to reduce instantly, but an effort to do so is necessary.

As I mentioned, I have made some very nice friends at work here. Usually I take a long time to gel with people, but this time it was different. Within months we had been to places together, which strengthened our bonds. From some trip once in a while it moved on to friday bashes, and then to mid-week i.e. wednesday bashes. All the time we spend during lunch and snack hours...and sometimes beyound snack hours..is so much fun. All the time pass jokes..makes me feel that I'm still at college...:) Ok, I know that a year is over and I'm no more a collegian, but the feeling makes you feel good...:)

Anyway, am looking to an equally rewarding time at my second home, my office..in the coming year!


Pravaahit... said…
hmm... yeah zar... great feeling...!!
Though we know every minute detail of ur bashes n all fun you had...!!! Njoy it...!!! N having such a great colleagues in office... lucky u r!!!! :)
Be like this alwayz......
Zaru said…

sharing all those experiences wid u ppl..is what makes it all the more special..:)
Pappul said…
Yeah ... well done in your rookie year ... here's wishing you an equally amazing (if not better) sophomore year ... but your Sheer Khurma is still pending ... else I will have to be sterner than the first year ... :P
Mohsin Khan said…
Good Post!!
Yes, first year is always special, u don't know what to expect.. And as u said, we here at AT have been luckier..
And don't worry about silly mistakes.. I don't think u've seen The Real Silly Mistakes (TM) [ie my mistakes, bwahaha..]
Zaru said…
thnx..:) n sheer kurma...yes i remember...is baar eid mein..pakka se..

they r nt ur tm, they're mine..is tat understood..?
zar, nice post. :)

now, we all are 1 year old in the industry. :) Wow, that feels nice. but,it also creates some "analytic" mood into me , what i have gained? what i lost? kind of stuff. :P .cant help it. :)
Zaru said…
n analysis..tats precisely y i wrote abt the past year :)
Charuta said…
Glad to know that you had a special first year! Is nice having u arnd too in the team..u know for what i mean ;)

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