Monday, August 3, 2009


Ok, I know you have guessed till now that the title is in korean. If you don't want to go and translate let me tell you, the title is "Jigsaw". And as for why Korean of all the languages, let me tell you...Korean has given me sleepless nights and 'loggy' I more than love the language :P

I was always fond of solving jigsaw puzzles. I remember putting together the innumerable cardboard pieces together as a kid. It was fun solving puzzles I had done before too, each time solving it faster. I've still preserved many of these, and believe me its still fun playing with the cardboard pieces.
Recently I heard of jigzone (thanks Khyati) and I'm a fan already. It has daily puzzles. It has a huge archive. You can upload any pics from your system too. The best part is the variety in the shapes of the cuts. Ever imagined pieces in the shapes of lizards? :).

Click to Mix and Solve

The crazy cut

Click to Mix and Solve

and the triangular cut

Click to Mix and Solve

are awesome. Use these cuts when the number of pieces are more than 100 and you rack your brains for an hour.

Putting your brains to work is such a refreshing exercise...after all the monotonous code we keep churning out day in and day out. Another perspective to the jigsaws (which I didn't relate to earlier) is that of life. Life is a jigsaw. You have to put the pieces together. Only difference, here if you put the wrong pieces together, you have a different picture altogether :). No, there's not ctrl+z here, not even a reset canvas. Only option you have here is to ... no I don't know any option..else I would never have asked questions like these.

Anyway, if you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, log in to jigzone and keep jigging :P


Mohsin Khan said...

mai bhi khelta tha, but flash nahi hai mere pas..
(an analogy with life for this comment is left as a reader exercise)

Zaru said...

haan...jaise ki hazar baar repeat kiya hai...u dnt need flash for tat site.
n analogy...ur too entangled in stuff, to see d simple,small goodness in life? dunno...tats wat i can make of it..