What does it take...to create a race of silent morons?

Human mind is impressionable. That is what makes a human so gullible.
I happened to read a very well written crime fiction titled "The return of the dancing master" by 'Henning Mankell'. The story starts with all the usual murder,investigation etc., but what impressed me the most was the way the plot was woven into people believing and following Nazi ideals. Anyone, who has the courage to stand up and impress upon others his ideas, thoughts, beliefs can create a whole race of dumb followers. They follow,execute unquestioningly. How easy it is to convince a soldier that he will do good by murdering an individual just because he belongs to a different race. No wonder the seeds sown 62 years earlier still result in riots in India. If you are successful in creating a single offspring of your beliefs, it will propagate through generations. Is it always that the wrong ideas manifest themselves firmly and those that should remain strong for ages to come, fade away much before their time? Are people so blind that they cannot distinguish the obviously wrong ideas, that are being stained into their sparkling white minds?
There is always a stress on education. What do we achieve by education? Falling into traps laid down by the media, doing what education obviously teaches us is wrong. When we study and believe in science, why do we still follow superstitions? We still have leaders who make allegations stating that "This minister is responsible for the drought conditions in the state. He did so by eating biscuits at the time of the solar eclipse". No, there is no one who stands up and fights against such statements. Forget fighting against, we have people who believe and help spreading such nonsense.

I guess its high time, people start putting their brain to the right use, and free themselves from this whole world of darkness!


Shriniket said…
A very relevant issue that you have put forth.. Real easy in these days to propagate wrong ideas through a bunch of idiots..
Mohsin Khan said…
Really good post..
A lie shouted a hundred times automatically becomes a truth.. and people don't give thought to much of anything, else as u rightly point out, we won't see so much superstitions around us (and we live in a so called educated society) As for the education we receive in school/college, I guess there is very little on how to lead a good, sane life.. That and the stupid media numbing our senses, u have the perfect mess..
Oho, very true.
Really how dumb our people are to believe in such superstitions. huh.
It hurts. It hurts when we: the educated generation cant do anything / though willing to do, we dont do anything / not at all willing to do anything about the issue.

Is there any possible prevention to this?
Zaru said…
very true ... lies repeated a thousand times..becomes d truth!

possible soln...everyone knows wats happenning arnd us is wrong..bt we dnt do nethin coz we feel we are alone..we need to gang up against all such stupidity! unity is the need of d hour!

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