Simplicity vs Complexity

Yeah, the title reveals it all...that was simple. Some would expect the title to 'not' reveal the subject so easily, while others would say simple should be the way of life. We are always cribbing about life being too complex. Forget the world, I myself usually complain about everything being so hard to decipher. So, lets take it step by step. We'll list down the pros and cons, and of course these are pros or cons from my perspective. Each his own.

What if everyone started talking directly, as in, everything I say has only one meaning and its said directly. Now this sounds like a good solution right? Now talk about telling someone his weaknesses. If you say it directly, is the person at the receiving end going to take it in the right spirit? One may say, that's not my lookout...but everything should be clear. Another may believe that we can add an exception in such cases so that criticism doesn't have unwanted effects on the person concerned. Adding an exception will increase complexity? Lets take sarcasm. Will sarcasm come to your rescue? But then again sarcasm is just providing a hint, because its very difficult for a person to understand whether the remark was sarcastic unless its reflected in your tone,which defeats the purpose of being indirect. One way is beating round the bush to drive home the point, but then its no use beating round the bush especially when there is no bush..right? Indirection and hints will only increase complexity, as then everything depends on the way the message is interpreted at the receiving end.

So, are hints an easier way out?
Consider a typical teenage issue. Girl likes boy. Girl does not know if boy likes her. She wants to be sure before taking the plunge.
Solution 1 : Girl gives boy umpteen hints. But boy does not respond as expected. Interpretation1 : Boy is not at all interested. Interpretation2:Boy gets the hints, but doesn't know how to respond to them.
Now obviously interpretation2 is wrong, but since human mind is subconsciously optimistic, this interpretation comes into play.
Solution 2 : Girl talks to boy directly. Boy is not at all interested and so a budding friendship also comes to an end.

I haven't reached a conclusion. I've just poured out thoughts. I don't think there is a solution. This is an never ending debate. As for my belief, you cannot generalise, but I believe some situations demand indirection which brings with it complexity. If everything was so simple, we would all be robots :)
A supporting para from a song I just stumbled upon here supports what I believe
I don't have to tell you
What this is all about
Cause baby half the fun
Is in us figuring it all out


Pappul said…
baap re ... morning starts with a good dose of ZINDAGI KE FUNDE ... simplicity can be very complex at the best of times ... now thats a good status message ... :P
Pravaahit... said…
zar said i won't comment here :P
Pravaahit... said…
sorry i missed "As" at start of previous line....
@ pree: Hehehe. nice way to get out of complex issue.

@zar : hmmm. very complex post on a complex perspective of life. Yeah, we all sometime come to such situations in life. A very good REAL life example. I hope, it is not REAL life example for u. :D :P ..ok. kidding.

but, overall, good post...Keep it up..
are more coming?
Anonymous said…
Its me the readable me.
that's a complex blog with a simple title :).
Unknown said…
kya aisich hai :)

thnx for being so obedient :P

REAL?? ;)

agreed :)

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