Life on weekends...

Weekends...everyone loves weekends right...

Here's my experience about 'life on weekends'


After I started working, I thought the only thing thing to be done on weekends is .... friends...outings with friends...discuss all that happened in the week, plan for the next weekend..have a gala time..n blah blah...

But then, somewhere...deep down inside, there was this small little...teeny weeny guilty feeling..that kept getting bigger and bigger as weekends passed by. This feeling was.."I am spending 5 days a week in office, with colleagues, weekends with friends..when do I actually spend time with my family...WHEN?? " and weekend decided, no outing just stay at home with family viz., parents and sisters.

At first it was pretty difficult...but then, it just felt so nice..just staying at home...lazying around...troubling my sisters..(ohh how I love that..:D )...arguing with mom on silly subjects, just listening to some "her time" experiences...irritating dad...stating dumb hypothesis..and then argue..:D (I thing I could use arguing as my full time profession haan..)...just the whole thing...felt like being I love that very experience...

So after that I decided...squeeze in meeting friends...on weekdays itself, some evening, some afternoon...whatever..and weekends...for family meets, family outings..or just plain lazying around at home...!

So...the first timepass..on the weekends was shopping. We (read my sisters n me) went shopping every weekend...but then...since we were continuously rebuked by our parents..(owing to the already countless number of clothes and accessories and footwear we already have...)..but didn't really pay much attention...we were kinda now for food..:D

And ... this new decision of ours...actually made my sister and me...jump into the kitchen..hehe ya..we did...finally..!!

Every Sunday our responsibility..!

So what do we do...just google in some thing we wanna make..shortlist a down a list of ingredients we need...go shopping with that list..(its so much fun going it clothes or food..:D )

So far we've made...a small...but I would say commendable list...

  1. Parathas...aloo gobi etc etc
  2. Kathi with stir fry vegetables
  3. Aloo tikki
  4. Creamy fruit salad
  5. Fruit salad with chocolate cream
  6. Pav bhaji
  7. Chocolate barfi
  8. Veg burger
  9. We tried besan ke laddoo once..but that was a disaster

Ya so now lets get down to the I aint jotting them could easily google...(even I got them from there...:P )

But I wanna put down one of em...why..u will see why

The easiest one..aloo tikki..

First boil the potatoes...(how much time etc etc..ask mom)

Then peel them, after they are a little cool, mash them

Then add the required masalas..(how much and mom..)

Mix the masalas well, make small tikkis of the mixture..(shape..whatever it comes out to be..)

Shallow fry..and voila...delicious aloo tikkis are ready...:D:D


Pappul said…
Looks like its better if Mom takes over entirely ... ;)
Zaru said…
hehe..ya..we take triple the make nethin...:D
hey zar, very well written.
yepp.i agree with u fully.
Even, i had made plans to spend whole weekend with frnds but just that, i also missed lazing around home/pulling pranks on family members especially my bro. :D
i just miss my connection with family for whole 5 days. so, over weekend, i rejoin the connection.
but, now, problem is tht, i m missing my frnds, need to work on tht side of my life. otherwise, life is g88 with g88 work, g88 family and not to forget abt g88 frnds. :)

so, wanna meet for lunch ( v will "reactivate" our bond :D :D :D :D)????

keep on posting such a good topics.
Zar rocks. :D ( u see this is g8 compliment frm me. :D .till date amz was rocking , but now zar too rocks :D)
Mohsin Khan said…
spending more time with family and learning to cook (something)..
exactly the things I want to do..
Zaru said…

ya..missing u read the expectations wala post expect..:)
n meet for lunch..or sweetdish haan..? ;)

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