One snap...says it all...!

I went for this exhibition today, organized by a group called Photograhers@Pune. It was organized on a small scale, but anything is worth encouraging new talent. And what more, the best 5 photographs would be purchased by a magazine called FlopMag...!

The venue was New Art Gallery, Ghole Road. Now this much info didn't help us find the gallery, even after asking almost a dozen people. No one seemed to know about an exhibition too. We walked that damn Ghole road twice...yeah it helped in a way that we did explore that otherwise so crowded road. We discovered that there was a museum there, called Mahatma Phule Museum. So, we took not less than two hours to reach our destination.

There weren't many people there, but expected as the marketing was done on a small scale. We were given a card, on which we had to pen down our top five photographs. I thought I'll take a look at all of em once, and then pen down the best five...but five was too less....I wished and hoped there were atleast ten best..:)

The theme being 'India explored'...a palette full of variety was displayed. The colors of holi, Ramadan, diwali, navratri...or the innocence of a little child on the street, or the spirit of India...being cricket...or the flight of a birs, or an insect trapped in a web, or the patience of a person waiting for a train, or the lights on a suburban street, or the misty and blurred road showing a clear path, or the steam when a lady prepares the meal...!

Simple and simply outstanding! One snap..thats all it takes to convey anything. It is the best way to express anything. And as I am very fond of taking snaps...(I know I take more snaps of myself sometimes...but that's only sometimes...) this exhibition truly inspired me. There need not be a background never seen is just the moment you capture that's important...!

P.S. After I walked out of the gallery, completely in awe...and inspired to the fullest...and still in the theme..."India explored..." I saw this Indica parked on the street...and it was so dusty...looked filthy and as if it was put there ages ago. It should be easy to guess ... that I actually went there and took a pic of that awful looking car...capture everything...funny, memorable, seemingly interesting, may not be important, may not be worth it...:)


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