An awesome an awesome year!

Well, 2008 was sure had its ups and downs...( I realise that after looking at my blog posts...)
I sure had my depressions...moments of extreme joys...introspections etc etc...coupled with a great job at a great place with great people around..!
All in all...was a year i will never forget...the last year at college...!! (sigh..!)

Anyway, before i lose direction...this post was meant to describe the 31st of dec '08!
Plans were, as always in a mess...changing at the last well chalked out plan, inviting friends at the last moment...whew..! but ya...finally we made it..:)
Was a little skeptic in the beginning as there more unknowns than knowns in the group, but after much coaxing....I agreed.
We all gathered at a flat..(I still dont know whom it belonged to..coz it was my friends..friends...friends...etc etc flat) so whateva..
Those guys had made an effort to clean up that place as far as much so that we didnt realise its a flat in which bachelors reside..:D
The lighting, the music..ohh tat was enuf to create the much required ambience...!
Met a senior...and it felt so nice...I mean, just recollecting memories of u kno this one n tat one...and on and on...felt great. And it felt even greater coz he knew seems i was quite well known in college..;)

Anyway, so we had a nice time...played some fun games..with funny punishments...and danced away 20008!
Yeah, but how much ever I would like to pen down details of what we did the whole night, I wont publish them here for reasons I better not disclose here..:)

Was an awesome customized new year bash I had...!! 2008...!
Looking forward to a fun filled year 2009!


Readable me :) said…
"customised" new year bash! :) nice .
Pappul said…
Thats great ... wish u a very happy new year ahead ... !!

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