102nd Convocation ceremony

Yesterday I witnessed a convocation ceremony, which did not resemble one in the least. And to add to the misery, I was a part of the batch who had just passed out of PU after 4 years of toil to get an engineers degree. The least I expected was a decent convocation ceremony.
For starters, what does convocation mean (obviously in the context of graduation) - In many universities throughout the world convocation is the university graduation ceremony to award degrees to students and honorary graduands.
Does awarding degrees mean people sit at a counter, you stand in a line, await ur turn, when its ur turn show them ur number and they give you your certificate? In my opinion awarding a degree would be when your awarded your degree in front of quite a few people. Isn't it?
Anyway, as usual we always have fun...meeting old friends..just seeing familiar faces...seeing faces we dont really want to see at all...:)
We went to the univ at 10am...got our certificates, waited up for people we had planned to meet...and then since all of us had taken half day off at work..we planned to make full use of it..:) None of us wanted to go back before time...:D
So, had fun in the univ...roaming here and there...and all the usual stuff. Bumped into our principal. And the best part, he recognised me..?? why..?? Was it coz I was always in the forefront when he lectured us on bunking pracs and lecs :)
Then to get our pic...in the graduation gear...while waiting in a long line, we actually came up with a nice business plan. Next year we plan to provide that gear to people and we'll take nice pics of theirs in them. Facilities we wud provide, tats our business secret so not posting it here..;)

Some pics...

yaaaaayyy...!! :)


Pappul said…
Congrats ... and somethings will be the same ... no matter how much we crib ... ;)
heheh .nice post zarin...

But,now dont complain. Dont tell me tht u expect PU to give us degree over that dias with those special robes n all. ther r quit a few thousands of us who r passing their BE. By da way, u got it before quit a few people standing in line behind u. :P

But, yes, that business plan of ours is rocking.. V will make more money than v r getting currently. :P :P :P

what u say guys??

one more addition to that business plan, v will give away some "draw" prizes ,so more crowd will come to us. :P :P :P

anyways, i have more additions to be done. but cant write whole things here .:P : P .Some points better be kept in folds. :D

but, nice post overall with good pics (thank god, u selected good pics where i m looking good too or rather i may say, i m making ur pics good (either being a part of it or being a photographer) )

chalo.i m now exhausted with writing efforts. :)
Unknown said…
thnx...yeah yeah no use complaining..:) but when it makes good blogpost material why not..;)

dnt post business details here..;)
n hello...u havnt taken any of these pics..so chill..!!
writing efforts na...arey kuch to kaam kiya kar...:P
Jitesh Shah said…
lol... your pic is more like a witch in Harry Potter [:P].. :P :P :P
Unknown said…
does tat mean (mean - pun intended...:P )
i hav superpowers...:P
Readable me :) said…
Nice post..high expectations though ;). For the first time no complaints regardin pics :) nice choice infact :D. And about the business idea... ive gt more to add...pondered over the return trip to office.:).
Unknown said…
good...now we hav a gr8 business plan...lets really take it fwd..maybe we cud discuss details...:)
n abt the pics...u like em..coz ur in nly one of em..:p ;)

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