Introspection...out of the blue...?

Can u imagine...a final year student...confesses to the the whole batch...

1. Breaks up sa lovey dovey relationship...even though the guy was supposedly his best friend...??? (does he kno d meaning of frndship?)
2. tries breaking up a proj grp..for personal gain...maturity??
3. Bitching abt ur proj that u get more marks as compared to him...??? r we still in school...?? hacking his social netwking profiles...?? wtf!!!
4. Hacking passwds using keyloggers...
5. Hacking someone's proj code and making it available for free...just coz tat fella used to argue wid u...?? God help me!

and the best part...write a mail and send it to the whole f**** batch...!!! y y y....??? was it like...sudden realisation..? or u thot u cud play the part of a clown well? or u thot ppl r gonna feel sorry for u? or u thot after confessing to hacking n stuff ppl wud come to kno abt ur hacking skills...?? or u thot this is the best way of hogging the limelight...?? please please cud someone be sooo...damn disgusting!!! soo damn sick!!!


@$%deja vu$% said…
yeah.. I don't even feel sorry for the guy (or should I feel sorry for his victims?)

infact, I am laughing my ass out.. how crazy is this!
Vedang said…
who is this guy?
did it happen in our batch?? damn! I'm so out of touch with things!

P.S. Did anyone consider that _this_ guys mail might have been hacked? This would make for a very sick joke
Zaru said…
hehe...u shudnt miss this one..its high profile drama..:P
yup..our batch...:)
n tats a nice perspective..tat guys mail then..everythin wid names of ppl..n such exact defi need to consider tat scenario too..:)
Vedang said…
I didn't even get the mail! Sandeep forwarded it to me!

He should apologize to me for forgetting to include me in the mailing list!
Zaru said…
u will get tat aplogy mail next year ya...
this mail contained aplogies for 2008 na..:)

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