Simple questions..obvious but wrong answers

Okay, I know this is another post on traffic...but...I just cannot help it!

Squabbles on the road..are like a daily occurrence. We witness it everyday and have obviously got used to them. But this one I witnessed, though being nothing out of the ordinary...certainly made me think...

Simple question : When someone in front of us stops, sudden or not so sudden..what do u do? Apply brakes..or move into another lane?

Answer : We change our lane. We could do so, but after looking through our rear view mirror and confirming that theres no one approaching that same spot from behind. But we don't do that, coz wer r the mirrors..? and brakes..we dont use them here right..?


@$%deja vu$% said…
When someone in front of us stops suddenly, there's certainly no time to look into the rear view mirror!! Applying brakes is out of question too, since, chances of ramming into the person in front of us are high. Only option - change the lane recklessly!

When someone in front of us stop not so suddenly, we have the time to change the lane. And since we are all in a hurry for we have only 100 years to live, I think, we mustn't care about the person behind us, since that'll mean wasting some of our very precious time!!
Zaru said…
tats just the point ya...u dnt realise tat bt changing ur lane 'recklessly' u r gonna create more trouble...more vehicles banging into one another...

basically one knows the lane system..!!

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