I had stopped wearing/flaunting a wrist watch//like almost immediately after college. I convinced myself that the cellphone displays the much needed time anyways, so why bother using a wrist watch. This argument kept me from using a watch for almost 6 months now. I only realised its importance now when I started forgetting my cell, or places where you cannot keep removing your cell and looking at the time, or when you need the time while driving.
So, all this lead to me deciding on wearing a watch now onwards. Today being a good day, decided to start from today. Opened my drawer and started hunting for my ohhh so precious watches. Since i'd worn a blue tee today, was looking for my favourite blue one. o my surprise I did find it but sadly the batteries were out. I said never mind, Im gonna wear a watch no matter so I found a black one, since that would go with ant top. But then again batteries...!!! Ohh...am I gonna make sure one decision of mine is carried towards completion...!
I wanted to...wear one today..kuch bhi karke..:) (since I've been deciding for a month now, that should go for morning walks...but that day hasnt come till now!)
So I picked up a shabby blue watch..(its not that bad actually..but not one I like) and obviously its battery was functional. So here I am...for once did something I've decided..:D

Moral of the story : Before you start wanting to do something, make sure you have the resources :)


Readable me :) said…
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Readable me :) said…
:) Moral 2 : Some inventions are irreplaceable...no matter how many "N in 1" inventions come up :D.

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